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Here we will guide you about Children Learning Reading Reviews – PDF Books Program which will be very helpful for you in buying this awesome product.

If declaring a bookshop has instructed me anything, is that reading is a wondrous instrument that can expand the horizons of one’s spatial and cognitive thinking.

And this fact is particularly real for the younger minds who are just experiencing the beautiful qualities of learning how to read.

Reading is an extremely valuable skill that children need to learn from a quite early age. Whether it’s learning from books, magazines or their school’s blackboard, reading abilities are a must for every sphere of life.

So, when my sister Gina asked me what program I’d suggest to her to help her daughter Stacy with her reading skills. I instantly thought of Jim Yang and his very popular Children Learning Reading program.

A lot of my regular customers speak about how wondrous this program is. And when Stacy took up Jim’s program, the results surely shocked us.

Hello! This is Nicholas and today I would like to speak to you about my experiences (more like Stacy’s) with this fantastic learning program.

What Is Children Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading is a different program that explains multiple techniques to assist parents to teach their children how to read. It is based on phonemic and phonics awareness guidance to assist children as early as 2 years old to read.

According to studies, phonemic awareness is quite effective in successfully teaching young children to work on phonemes. These phonemes or individual sounds support children easily decode printed text and sound out the words.

Also, numerous pieces of research exposed that using phonics in guiding how to read results to easy readers. The Children Learning Reading is a quite simple and direct stage by stage program that is really simple to follow. Its main objective is to educate young kids on how to easily comprehend text.

This process can produce the necessary phonemic awareness required for them to be able to read fluently. The program includes simple practices and exercises to assist enhance and improve the skills of the child.

Children Learning Reading is perfect for parents who would like to provide their children with an early head start to reading. The program is also excellent for young students who require extra help and are still having a tough time reading.

Furthermore, parents who homeschool their kids could also take benefit from this program. This program could assist children regardless of their age or their improvement for their age. They could benefit from the techniques and could later apply it when studying. Our Children Learning Reading Reviews will tell you what the program is about.

Who Are The Authors Children Learning Reading?

This program was designed by Jim and Elena Yang, who as parents think that children’s education is really important. The couple thinks in a parent-oriented old-school approach when educating their child to read. Jim Yang is a reading expert.

He and his wife produced the program to utilize the various effective techniques in the process of teaching a child. As parents, the couple has experienced a lot and has learned from these experiences.

They integrate these experiences into designing a whole reading guide. This process, parents will not have a hard time teaching their kids. These Children Learning Reading Reviews will guide you about the author.

What Will You Learn From Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading is distributed into two different stages. Each stage begins with a separate book that includes guidance.

The first stage will assist kids to develop crucial foundational skills on how to read. It includes 28 lessons to assist children to comprehend texts. It starts with the letters of the alphabet as well as sounds.

The program guides children on how to focus on blending and easy words. The second stage will encourage children to progress further.

It comes with additional lessons so kids can improve their reading skills even more.

The second stage consists of 22 lessons and concentrates on teaching children how to read combined letters.

Finally, the lessons advance to words, sentences, rhymes, and stories. This process, the child’s reading fluency also advances. Each eBook can be easily downloaded.

It includes 50 simple and easy to follow steps that assist parents to guide their kids in a manner that they are going to learn in just 15 minutes.

This is ensured by the phonemic knowledge skills to present the lesson in a way that kids can easily comprehend. Our Children Learning Reading Reviews will explain you what you will learn about the program.

Extra eBooks

In addition to the two important eBooks, the program available with extra eBooks. These are also extremely helpful in further improving the kid’s reading skills.

The extra eBooks include a few lessons titled Lesson Stories 1 and Lesson Stories 2.

Aside from that, the program also gives eBooks titled The Most Familiar Sight Words, and Letter Sound MP3 Audio Clips.

Kids can also like reading the Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes. Parents can further develop their education skills through the free 12-week one on one counseling.

The producer of this program compiled valuable tips and techniques to assist parents to teach their kids to read. The main objective of the producer is to make small lessons to retain the attention of the kids.

But, despite the length, the producer made sure that the techniques are quite effective. The basic idea is that parents must be involved in teaching their children to read.

Simply admitting children to learn the skill from videos, apps, and computer games are not completely effective. Children need consistent attention from their parents to efficiently learn and master their reading skills.

The program gives small lessons that last for 5 to 15 minutes every day. Aside from teaching the kid how to read, parents can also form a particular bond with their kids through this. It can even assist parents to strengthen their relationship with their kids.

Children Learning Reading Program: A Brief Overview:

Jim’s program is a genuinely wide step-by-step scheme that can significantly increase a child’s reading ability in a matter of days.

Unlike other learning methods, the Children Learning Reading applies phonics and phonemic teaching, which made Stacy a fluent reader in just 12 weeks.

The program scheme is distributed into 2 categories, which are more broken down into 50 short lessons. These lessons started by initially letting Stacy understand letters, then going on to phrases, sentences and finally rhymes and stories.

The Department of education of Oxford University states that the first 7 years of a child’s growth phase is the most significant, with the 2 to 3 years age group being the top for reading functions. And this is definitely what Jim’s program targets.

With the guidance of PDFs, audios, and videos, the reading and learning process was made much easy for Stacy. And with just a few minutes of reading every day, she began picking up nursery rhymes and fairy tale stories effortlessly. Our Children Learning Reading Reviews will guide you about the overview.

How Does This Children Learning Reading Program Work?

Some critics might believe in Jim’s program as a Children Learning Reading Scam, but they cannot be further wrong. As it uses the scientifically proven ways of phonics and phonemes to encourage your child to read fast and fluently.

  • Phonics.

Phonics is the primary technique that develops a child’s reading ability. It assisted Stacy to understand the relationship that one alphabet has with another, and how various they sound when pronounced individually or in a word.

Phonics go a long way in enhancing speech as well. As being able to differentiate alphabets and the associated vowels your kid will soon be able to see words through their sound and soon be able to speak them instantly and confidently.

  • Phonemes.

The shortest unit of sound is called a phoneme, which when joined together makes a word that produces meaning. And even though the English language has 26 alphabets, it has 44 Phonemes and over 1700 methods of combining and pronouncing them.

Phoneme and Phonics describe the core of the written and spoken word, and once Stacy started to read them, it became quite easy for her to map and speak words confidently.

And with sufficient practice, she began picking up new words immediately and without much problem. Our Children Learning Reading Reviews will tell you how this program works.

What Makes The Children Learning Reading Program Much Better As Compared With Any Other Program?

Well, here are some benefits that Jim’s program keeps over other standard educational schemes.

  • Easy to Approach.

Gina had initially worried that Stacy might just be too young to pick up the books. But one of the benefits of this program is how the writer gives everything in the curriculum and leaves nothing to guesswork.

From step-by-step reading skill classes to giving audio clips to correct pronunciation, this program has it all.

  • Each Lesson is Small and Engaging.

As was the case with Stacy, kids around 2 to 3 years do not like to read at all. But the lessons in this program are particularly catered to attract young minds by being small and engaging.

And the lessons are examined and tested by Jim himself. He applied these lessons to guide reading skills to a lot of children and with big success.

  • A very Pocket-Friendly Option.

Gina often informs me how this was one of the most reliable investments she has ever made for Stacy. And compared to other instruction programs, this indeed is a real steal.

As with all the audiobooks, PDFs and video lessons, one might think that this program would come close to $100, but that’s not the case. Even its premium package takes less than $85.

Is the Children Learning Reading PDF Really Works or It Is A Scam?

Not everything can be excellent particularly when it comes to children’s educational programs, so here are a few sections of the Children Learning Reading that a few parents might find a problem.

  • May is not the Optimal Choice for many busy parents.

Jim’s course requires some work from the parents’ side as well, and not just the children. So, if you have a hectic professional life and usually leave your children in the care of a nanny, then being able to save 15-20 minutes for each lesson can be quite difficult indeed.

  • Program Results may vary from child to child.

The age when a child first starts reading can dramatically change from child to child. So, when beginning the program if you have a lot of expectations with the time frame about when your kid should gain what, then some aspects of this program might seem disturbing to you.

  • Most of the Course is Online.

Apart from amazing physical books most of the program is online. So, if you are not too technology savvy or live in a country with a poor internet connection, then the Children Learning Reading program is not for you. These Children Learning Reading Reviews will tell you does the program really work or scam?

Why You Need Children Learning Reading Program Books?

When your kid learns to read, this is one of the biggest things to experience as a parent. You have seen every step of their growth and improvement, and now they have the biggest gift of all – reading.

A child’s ability to read not only gives to their academic and personal success but also sparks a sense of creativity, allowing them to show their creativity.

Because reading is an integral part of a child’s development, parents can simply become overwhelmed attempting to effectively perform a reading method or program to the most beneficial of their ability.

With a large amount of research regarding teaching kids how to read, it can be difficult for you, as a parent, to determine which program or teaching method will have the biggest advantage for your child.

Most of the ineffective ways or programs rely upon weak literary foundations that apply techniques such as making children memorize the most generally used words.

To avoid this, Jim Yang has designed the Children Learning Reading Program, which guides children to apply vital reading strategies.

As a reading teacher and father of four children, Jim has served the majority of his life supporting children master to read successfully. He has personally worked this Program to teach his daughters and son to read when they were just 2-3 years old.

The progress that they executed with just 12 weeks of this training is absolutely remarkable, and the proof can be seen in the Video Section of this article website, showing a series of videos documenting the progress of his children’s reading skills at various ages.

Numerous parents who wanted to educate their children to read have successfully applied for the Children Learning Reading Program. Known for the “simplicity” and “effectiveness” of its teaching ways.

The program guides your kid to read and become a quick and fluent reader by using a “unique” combination of phonemic information and synthetic phonics.

In order for your child to stay involved and become a proficient reader, the program intends to make reading fun and delightful by incorporating a variety of stories, pictures, and rhymes.

By giving the Children Learning Reading program to your kid, you will be giving him or her a head start into their reading success.

Your child is an excellent applicant for the Children Learning Reading program if he or she is aged between 2 and 7 years old, or he/she is at pre-school or kindergarten.

But In fact, it does not mean what age your kid is or what their reading skill is, the Children Learning Reading program will change them into proficient readers.

Even if your child has already started reading, this program can develop their skills and provide them the more confidence boost that so many children require.

Also If your kid is finding learning to read difficult then the Children Learning Reading program will assist them to overcome this and read proficiently.

Please keep in mind that when you buy the Children Learning Reading program you will get 12 weeks of private email counseling from Jim and the master team of this program.

So the complete program is set up for your child’s reading success. You can learn more by visiting the official website here.

The Fun Way To Teach Your Child How To Read:

Let’s be honest. Children have the smallest concentration span. The most critical thing that you can do is make them feel like the task of reading is a job.

All that is going to do is make them see at reading in a negative idea rather than something that is both interesting and pleasurable.

The beauty of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it applies quite simple, fun and interesting ways that are short but still extremely powerful. Each lesson typically lasts 3 to 5 minutes, and they are of course extremely engaging.

The lessons are created in such a way as to keep and keep the child’s attention and ignite within him/her a sense of interest which will make them want to do the lessons.

This reading program is intended to cater to an extensive variety of audiences ranging from toddlers, kids of various ages and even adults.

The basic principles upon which this program was built can educate anyone on how to learn to read, regardless of their age.

Uncomplicated And Incremental:

One of the most powerful points of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it gives you an uncomplicated approach to teaching your child a significant life skill.

It is not overwhelming at all. It is systematic and it gradually builds up, providing kids sufficient time to master each level. They will initially learn the use of phonemes and then phonics.

Then they will be taught to apply the technique of blending, with which they will be able to get the various phonemic units and string them together into entire words.

By the end of the program, you will see your child going through this method seamlessly, allowing them to say word after word fast, without breaks.

Children Learning Reading Reviews – The Pros And Cons:


  • The lessons are quite easy to understand and contain every step in the curriculum.
  • Brief engaging lessons that your kid will absolutely like.
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly program for parents of all demographics.
  • Applies the scientific accuracy of phonics and phonemes.


  • Courses are essentially online and may not be available to some.
  • It requires the parents’ engagement as well as the child’s.

The Children Learning Reading Program Is Ready In 2 Translations (Packages):

The Children Learning Reading Program is accessible in a Standard Package consisting of the major lessons, and a Premium Package that includes everything in the Standard package plus extras that will improve the reading experience for your kid. These Children Learning Reading Reviews will tell you about its packages.

The Standard Package ($49.95): 

With the Standard Package you get:

– 1 Step-By-Step Lesson

– 2 Step-By-Step Lessons (More advanced)

– 1 Lesson Stories

– 2 Lesson Stories (More advanced)

– Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips

– The Most Familiar Sight Words

– Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes

– Children Learning Numbers & Math Workbook

– Free Lifetime Updates

– Free One-on-One counseling for 12 weeks.

The Premium Package ($69.90):

With the Premium Package, you get everything in the Standard Package specified above, along with:

– Children Lesson Videos and Workshop – A set of DVD recordings documenting the journey of the course owners, Jim and Elena Yang, over a span of twelve weeks as they apply the techniques shown in this course to teach their 2.5-year-old toddler, Ethan, how to read and talk English fluently.

– Children Learning Reading Video Edition – A great video that obviously lays out everything that you need to understand about the program. Along with a detailed description, it also particularly highlights significant tips that you need to understand to expedite the method of teaching your kid to read English confidently and effortlessly.

– Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons – Stage 2 is more advanced and includes 22 lessons. To make it really simple for you – the parent – the course writer has put together all of the lessons in one place, enabling you to publish them with just the click of a button.

– Stage 2 Rhymes – A picture looks way more attractive and interesting in color, particularly when it comes to young kids. This bonus provides you access to all the illustrations that are in the rhyme part of each lesson in Stage 2, all in complete color.

Where other language programs charge 100s of dollars but fail to deliver any sort of results, the Children Learning Reading Program only takes $49.95.

The Premium Package only costs $69.90, yet it includes all the tools that you have to take this course even more comfortable to perform.

The Premium Package is extremely suggested by us.

Jim is very confident that the Children Learning Reading Program will surely work for you, so he has also decided to give a 60-Day No Questions Asked, 100% Complete Refund Guarantee.

There are thousands of parents who have already viewed promising results with this program. You can see numerous success stories by clicking here.

How To Order The Full Version Of The Children Learning Reading Program:

Follow these specific simple steps to get your copy of the Children Learning Reading Program right now:

– CLICK The Buy Now Button to go to the product page, and then click the “Add to Cart” button placed at the end of the page.

– You will then be given with 2 packages: the Standard Package and the Premium Package. The page obviously lists all the particular features accessible in each package.

– Once you have picked your package, you will then be taken to a secure payment form where you will be presented the various payment choices which include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. Please enter the necessary payment information, and click “Pay Now” to submit them.

– Once the payment is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to the verification page where you will get the link to directly download the Children Learning Reading Program. Finally, you will get an email confirmation with your order details, including your personal download URL for the program.

Whole Word Method or the Phonics Method? The Latter:

When he was about 17 months old, I chanced upon another reading system, the Children Learning Reading program.

I read through their website page correctly and I started to see the importance of picking the right reading method. It’s an enlightening read for me. I mean, I didn’t even understand the importance of picking the right reading method back then.

Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing that my son didn’t learn to read with the baby reading program because now that I recognize it, it was teaching kids to read by the complete word method which means my child would have to “memorize” hundreds or thousands of word forms! Not a very sound and efficient method of reading, I would state.

I would much rather see to read by sounding out words and decoding words through phonics and phonemic awareness guidance.

Which by the way I have since learned would create more successful readers in reading and spelling skills. This is the way of instruction used in the Children Learning Reading program.

Understanding this upped my confidence in the program.

Not Speaking Yet? Develop Phonemic Awareness:

But my toddler son was hardly speaking…

When I emailed Jim to ask him if it was alright to begin my son on his reading program, he genuinely replied that while my son might be too young to begin on his program, but it was not too early to assist him to build up his phonemic awareness skill.

Jim helped that his own son began picking up phonemic awareness when he was just about 1.5 years old and improved excellent phonemic awareness abilities by the time he was 2.5 years old, and his reading lesson development was fantastic.

I got the premium package, took Jim’s help and worked on encouraging my son to grow his phonemic awareness skill through play.

The informal learning was kept to the least and revolved around play. And meanwhile, my son remained to grow, play and explore the world around him.

By the time Kaden turned 2 years and 2 months old, he was talking some words, understood his alphabet and could say most of his letter sounds. I also saw he was a pretty enthusiastic learner.

I wanted to find something to excite and keep him engaged. I imagined of Jim’s reading program and started Kaden on his lessons.

Children Learning Reading Reviews – The Final Verdict:

The Children Learning Reading Program is a wonderful buy considering the benefits that it could provide to parents and kids. The promotional material is loaded with wondrous testimonials. This is a solid clue that the program is well-received by the users.

Also, the plan of forging a bond between the parent and the child is excellent. It develops the child’s confidence with a parent dedicating time and energy to the child.

Unlike other learning how to read programs, this one ensures that the parent exactly monitors the progress of the kid. The program is also divided into small but powerful daily lessons.

A five to 15 –minute everyday lesson will not exhaust the child. The cue cards are also quite helpful in getting the child’s attention. Overall, this is an excellent product that will assist parents in easily teach their children to learn reading fluently.