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Schwinn IC Pro Review

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We all know what the benefits of regular exercise are. We know that it reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, etc, etc. We know that its time to exercise, the New Year brings on new resolutions and its time to get fit and to get that exercise we need.


The problem is that we just don’t have the time to exercise. Plus we want a low impact exercise routine that will get our blood circulating, and make us feel better, and healthier, so the answer is indoor exercise equipment, the problem lies in choosing the right type.


There are so many types of exercise equipment on the market today that we often overlook the stationary exercise bike, probably because this equipment has been around the longest, and many believe it is outdated, but the truth is that using the stationary bike can be as effective if not more so than other types of equipment, especially if you are looking for a low impact and fun type of aerobic workout.


A great low impact and effect exercise is the use of a stationary bike, and the Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best stationary bike options you can have. Using the Schwinn will allow you to burn fat, and get the aerobic exercise you need, and the best part is that you can do your exercise routine while watching your favorite TV program.


The low impact exercise you get from a Schwinn IC Pro Indoor cycling bike will give your whole body a great workout, including your legs, thighs, waist and glutes.


The Schwinn IC pro indoor is designed to withstand many hours of exercise. This bike makes you feel like you are on a true road bike, but using it in the comfort of your own home.


Mad with a 38-pound flywheel and a direct drive gear. The handlebar and seat are easily adjusted and let you find the right setting easily and lock it into place. This bike has large leveling fee that give it stability and protect the floor from being damaged. It is easily moved using the transport wheek and has a wide variety of resistance levels.


Includes Shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket and cold forged crank arms that allow for the fitting of clip less pedals. There is also a 22 inch wide stabilizer sol the rider is supported better and gets a more low impact work out.


This Schwinn is lightweight at only 130 pounds and accepts a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. There is a 15-year warranty on frame and a two-year warranty on all parts with one year on labor.


If you are looking for a quality bike that will last you for years to come then the Schwinn IC Pro Indoor is the bike for you. This is truly a fun and great way to get that exercise you need!


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Schwinn IC Pro...

Product Info

  • Easy-to-use handlebar and seat adjustments help you quickly determine preferred comfort setting
  • Corrosion-preventing stainless pins can be quickly threaded tight for a secure hold on the sliding tubes
  • Corrosion-resistant frame and finish with new step-through plate that protects finish from cleat damage
  • Enclosed chain guard keeps lubricated parts away from the rider, yet offers convenient access for easy lubrication
  • Two composite water bottle cages hold bottles up to one-liter in size
  • Easy-to-turn adjustment knob and natural wool felt pads provide linear incremental resistance


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Schwinn IC Pro...