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Schwinn IC Elite Review

A Great Way to Burn Off the Excess Fat

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So, you have finally decided to start your fitness program and you want to start it off with the right foot. Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is the way to go when we want a healthier, happier lifestyle. Most of us are not into heavy weight training, we just want something that is going to make our heart rate get a good work out, and something that doesn’t take up a lot of time, and preferably something we can do from the comfort of our own living room.


The answer to all our needs is the Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike. This stationary bike is a great way to get that important exercise you need and it will increase your blood circulation, and get that oxygen and those nutrients in your body.  This is a great way to burn off that fat, get into shape and feel better about yourself.


Why use a Schwinn Elite Indoor Cycling Bike


Using a cycling bike is low impact and won’t hurt those important joints. Plus if you get on a bike it can be a little higher impact and can hurt your joints. Using a Schwinn Elite Indoor Cycling Bike will let you get that needed aerobic workout while watching TV, or talking to your spouse.


The Schwinn Elite Cycling bike offers the Smart Release system and has a high inertia drive system made up of 17.5Kg. This bike gives you the feel of real road riding. The seat is adjustable and you can move it forward, backward, up or down, in whichever position you need it. Once you have adjusted the seat all you have to do is put the locking pins into position. The handlebars are rubber coated for a more comfortable grip and can be adjusted to different heights again with the same locking pin mechanism.


In order to attain a better low impact workout Schwinn has equipped this bike with 22” wide stabilizes that give the rider more support and more stability.  Schwinn makes these for long lasting use, they have been coated with a corrosion resistant powder to prevent the frame and any stainless steel hardware from corroding. Scwinn is known for its quality components in its stationary bikes and this model is no different. This bike will accept clip less pedals although it does come with toe clips. The resistance know can be changed easily and the brakes are equipped with wool felt resistance brake pads and are made for long life.


Schwinn is world reknowned in the bike industry and has been making excellent bicycles - both stationary and non-stationary since 1895, although the first stationary bike did not come out until 1968. The point is that with such a quality company you know you are getting a quality piece of equipment in the Schwinn Elite cycling bike.


The Schwinn Elite is also equipped with the Smart release system, which gives the bike the feeling of affixed gear, but the rider can apply backpressure and in this way stop the pedals and slow the flywheel.


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Schwinn IC Elite...

Product Info

    * Smart Release System offers all the benefits of a fixed gear with a unique coasting feature
    * Easy-to-use handlebar and seat adjustments help you quickly determine preferred comfort setting
    * Corrosion-preventing stainless pins can be quickly threaded tight for a secure hold on the sliding tube
    * Two composite water bottle cages hold bottles up to one-liter in size
    * Large-diameter leveling feet provide floor protection and stability
    * Reinforced axles offer increased service life for standard toe clip/strap pedals
    * Texturized pads provide a non-slip surface for stretching
    * Transport wheels make storage and relocation easy while protecting floors


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Schwinn IC Elite...