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Schwinn 212 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviewed


Schwinn is known to make outstanding exercise bikes.  This is especially true for recumbent bikes, which are my personal favorite.  Is their 212 model worth its price, or should other recumbent exercise bikes be considered?  That's what we will focus on in this review.


There is one thing I don't like about exercise bikes -- many of them I have tried simply do not offer a smooth pedaling experience.  Usually you have to pay thousands of dollars to get something that not only gives you a good workout, but is pleasant to use.  However, with the Schwinn 212, I found that all my movements were made as smoothly as if I were using a model that cost over $2000.  I was extremely impressed with this feature of the Schwinn 212. 


In addition, when it arrived on my doorstep, I unbundled it and found that I could put it together very quickly.  While I do have some experience in assembling exercise bikes, sometimes it takes me upwards of two hours or more to put together some of the more complicated models.  However, with the 212 I found that I had mine up and running within an hour.


Also, if you want to change the difficulty, you can do so without the touchiness that is associated with recumbent exercise bikes.  Often times I find when using other bikes around this price range, if I want to go from an easier to harder level, the easy level will be too easy, where the harder level will be too hard.  There is no satisfactory in between.


This wasn't a problem with the 212.  I found that each level increase was just about perfect compared to the last.


While I have yet to contact customer support for any problems with this model, I have had to contact them in the past.  What I have found from past experiences is their customer support is far above average compared to other exercise fitness equipment suppliers and manufacturers.  While I hope to never have to make a call for this model, even if I do I can trust that I will be in good hands.  And to me that is just as important as any other feature on this bike.


In conclusion, there are less expensive models out there, but they will not offer the comfort or the quality that the Schwinn 212 will.  I can recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who is wishing to make an addition to their home gym.

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