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Nautilus NR 2000

Nautilus® NR 2000 Recumbent Bike Review 


The recumbent exercise bikes are becoming more and more popular and there is a reason for that. The benefit of the recumbent bike and especially the Nautilus NR 2000 Recumbent Bike is that when you are no used to doing exercise then the inclined position of the nautilus will feel more comfortable.


Another reason why you would choose a recumbent exercise bike is that it is much more comfortable for people that have lower back problems and this type of seat offers a lot more support and is much more comfortable.


Another reason people prefer the Nautilus NR 2000 recumbent bike is because they are more ergonomically correct than a traditional bike which means you will get a better aerobic workout, and therefore you will burn more calories and burn more fat.


Nautilus is a well-known brand in the exercise industry and has been making great exercise equipment for a long, long time, and the Nautilus NR 2000 recumbent bike is no different.


This bike is made for both the beginner and the avid stationary bike user too. It is equipped with heart rate controlled workouts that can tell you what your heart rate is at and what it should be at. It has a great drive system with a balanced flywheel.


This machine is equipped with self-leveling foot pedals so that it increases comfort in the foot. It also has a telemetric heart rate receiver and a V-Force Drive System. The Led display lights will allow you to see what your measurements are no matter what the lighting system is.


Their warranty is just as extensive with a 30-year frame warranty, a 3-year part, and a 2-year electronic parts warranty.


The Nautilus NR 2000 Recumbent Exercise bike starts at about $1200.00 and is a great investment in a quality piece of equipment. This Nautilus engineered bike is ergonomically designed to give you the perfect workout and it is designed to withstand the hardest of workouts year after year. 


The most important feature of this bike is the computer controlled V-force magnetic brake which requires fewer moving parts, than other systems and this means it will have a longer life and will work without as much noise as other exercise bikes.


The seat is easily adjustable with the roller and rail type of interlocking with pin mechanism and the seat is both durable and comfortable.

This great ergonomic recumbent bike will encourage people to use it longer and more frequently, so they will get a much better workout and lose weight faster and keep in shape.


The Nautilus NR 2000 recumbent bike is a piece of exercise equipment that anyone would be proud to have in their home, whether it be an avid fitness trainer or a person that is just beginning a new lifestyle and wants to begin a new physical fitness program.


It is important to note that when buying fitness equipment you should not opt for the least expensive equipment as it will not be long lasting, nor give you the work out that you need.

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