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Nautilus NE 2000 Review

A Gym Quality Elliptical Trainer at a Budget Price

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Modern lifestyle has made man busier than ever before. He works non stop and toils hard to earn his bread and little does he know that he is neglecting his health. Constant workouts and daily exercising is imperative especially when a man spends most of his day in his work desk doing very little or no physical work. Many equipments have been discovered to provide this full body workout concentrating on total body benefits. Among them the Nautilus® NE 2000 Elliptical features the SyncLink® technology which enables a low impact but full body workout similar to the kind of workout that anyone receives in a gym.


How does Nautilus®NE 2000 elliptical perform when compared to other brands which of equipments available in the market today? The foot platform made out of the SyncLink® technology enables natural foot moments through its advanced elliptical food movements. One can easily keep track of the workout very easily through the LED display. Seven workouts are already programmed along with a fitness test and two other custom programs. The heart rate is monitored by the heart rate control which monitors the users heart beat rate and adjusts the program intensity level accordingly. Once the user fixes the target then the program will automatically adjust to the set target and helps in optimal performance. A touch heart rate sensor and a belt, which is used as a wireless heart rate transmitter, is also provided.


Ultra smooth performance and various resistance levels are delivered by the V-Force system. Maintenance free and silent performance features are what make this equipment stand out as the poly-v belt helps the machine with optimized performance mode. The live readings of your workout like the time, distance, speed, heart rate, calories burnt etc are all read through the results mode display. Most of all the warranty period is lifetime and for the machine parts 10years and for free labor one year. What’s more you can begin and get going with your daily workouts undeterred for years together with less maintenance and better performance. The features of this fitness machine are all set to give the user an ultimate fitness program to suit his full body work out needs.


Visiting a gym or going for long walks are all just not possible amidst the busy schedule and modern lifestyles® NE2000 can be set up in the convenience of your home and can be used as and when you find time and leisure. Excellent features, undeterred performance and s great deal is what this compact amazing workout machine is all about. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and there is also a money back policy if the product proves to be unsatisfactory. The color of the frame of the machine is set in metallic silver and the shrouding is graphite. The maximum user weight is 350lb and that is about 159kg. The dimensions of this equipment is 191cm L x 64cm W x 170cm H. all that you one needs for an excellent workout is all feature is this one fully loaded optimal fitness machine called the Nautilus® NE2000.




Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical...

Product Info

  • With SyncLink® technology, the articulating foot pedals follow the natural movement of your feet.
  • Heart Rate Control programs monitor your heart rate and automatically adjust the intensity level of your workout based on your target zone. Touch heart-rate sensors and a wireless heart-rate transmitter belt are included
  • The frictionless V-Force? system delivers a wide range of resistance levels and ultra-smooth performance.
  • A commercial-grade Poly-V belt drive provides near-silent operation and maintenance-free performance.
  • Results Mode displays your total workout time, distance, and calories burned, plus average speed, RPM and heart rate.
  • Dimension: 75"L x 25"W x 67"H (191 cm L x 64 cm W x 170 cm H)
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lb. (159 kg)
  • Warranty: Frame-lifetime, Parts-10 years, Labor-1 year
  • Color: Frame-Metallic Silver Shrouding-Graphite


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Nautilus NE 2000 Elliptical...