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Nautilus NS 300 Review

A Great Strength Training System for Its Price

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Human body needs maintenance too and that too in a way which can keep it healthy and fit devoid of any major ailments or disease. Fitness of the body is directly related to the mental fitness of a man and thus the need to maintain ones fitness levels is imperative. Everyman should follow a fitness program that suits his time and comfort level. There is no need to really workout hard and strong by walking for miles or running for hours. Simple fitness programs can be followed at ones own convenience through the fitness machines available in the market today. But we should take great care to choose the right machine for the perfect need.


Before going to buy any fitness machine it is imperative to answer a few questions. What kind of fitness program is needed for you? What kind of machines can offer you a total workout? Is it possible to buy and install at home to suit your timing? Are these machines too costly or bulky? More and more innovation and quality in both design and performance is achieved today in the fitness machines installation as more and more research is being done in this field. Research on what a human body needs, at what rate and time is first calculated and then these machines are designed to give complete and total fitness to its users.


The Nautilus®NS300X Strength system is very sleek and thus less space is needed for its installation. What about its benefits? This machine offers almost 30 different types of movement exercises thereby offering you a gym quality workout with almost all types of movements covered in this one sleek machine. What more can you expect? You might wonder whether you need to break your head over adjustment of the machine for every workout. The greatest advantage is that it needs very minimal adjustments all for the multiple exercise benefits that one gets at a time all in one go.


This machine enables shoulder press, cheat press etc as it has almost eleven press stations. Excellent grip position will maintain the ergonomic precision and thus enables the full range of motion. Dual pivot pec, weight stacks, individual low pulley, easy one step adjustment etc are all its added features. This machine can be upgraded too with strength system accessories The frame color is nautilus silver and the upholstery color is charcoal Grey. The length is 183cm and width is 119cm and height is 211cm. The warranty period is set for lifetime with parts replacement for free up to 10years and labor for one year.


What more are you looking for, get the Nautilus®NS300X and choose among the 30 odd exercise programs. It is like the one stop solution for all your fitness needs. This one machine can help you to be fit and more powerful to go about in life with a greater and much enhanced confidence and health. Instead of buying various fitness machines for different fitness levels it is always wise to choose one which has almost all the fitness programs to give you a total body work out.


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Nautilus NS 300...

Product Info

    • Natural plane of motion allowing multiple exercises with minimal adjustments
    • Strength curve matching the human body, helping you achieve maximum effort through a full range of motion.
    • Adjustable range of motion, allowing you to select your correct starting position for each exercise.
    • Full-range-of-motion, 11-position press station allows chest press, shoulder press and mid rows-all from a single seat. Multiple grip position on the press arm allow for ergonomic precision.
    • Dual-pivot pec deck station for flexibility and range of motion.
    • Weight stacks can be fitted on left or right side of machine, allowing for customization.
    • Individual low pulley station with fixed foot plate.
    • Easy one-step adjustment pins allow for fully adjustable seat bottom and back to accommodate people of all sizes.
    • Upgradeable with optional strength system accessories. 

Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Nautilus NS 300...