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How to Buy A Treadmill

Selecting the right treadmill can be a tough challenge.  This is because of aggressive marketing combined with the unknown.  If you don't know what you're doing, you can very well spend a couple thousand dollars and still end up with something that is not adequate.  In this article, I will give you information to make sure you select the perfect treadmill for your needs.


The real key to making a sound treadmill purchase is to understand what it takes to create a good treadmill.  When you understand how a treadmill is designed, it will be very easy for you to compare different models to determine the best one.


All treadmills on the market share a lot of the same equipment.  The most important pieces of equipment are the motor, the belt, the flywheel frame and the rollers.  If you like to invite pain into your world, you can read all the technical data on the construction from each manufacturer.  However, that really doesn't bring you much closer to understanding the difference between one treadmill and another.


The treadmill motor is perhaps the most important element on the treadmill.  It gives the belt its power to move.  It's important to understand that even treadmills with the same horsepower will perform differently.  Even if one motor is stronger than the other, that doesn't mean the treadmill with the more powerful motor is better.  Often times a big motor is used to compensate for a poorly designed belt system.


At the same time, usually you won't get enough power unless the treadmill motor is at least 2 horsepower.  Smaller motors tend to break down from motor stress.


The flywheel on a treadmill is what regulates the speed of the belt.  Cheaply constructed treadmills will have flywheels that deliver inconsistent speed, which is never desirable.  Cheaper treadmills are often known to deliver a jerky motion when using them.  If you're going with an inexpensive model, I highly advise that you test it out before purchasing it.


Finally, the treadmill belt is the last vital component in the treadmill.  These days treadmill belt construction has made them more stronger and forgiving.  However, the real difference is in the length of the treadmill belt.  If you're going to use the treadmill frequently or for long runs, you should choose a larger belt.


Use this information to help you in selecting the best treadmill in your price range. The Bowflex Treadmills can help you reduce your workout time, while enabling you to tailor your workouts. Reviews are provided for the most popular Treadmill models.