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Bowflex Revolution XP Review

A Compact and Versatile Marvel in the Home Gym Industry

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As a workout enthusiast, I do not want to go through the hassles of working out in a gym, like time-consuming commutes and waiting in line for particular equipment, it really interrupts my routine.  I thought of buying home gym equipment, like free weights, benches, even had the idea of installing horizontal bars for chin-ups.  I soon realized it would fill the whole bedroom with equipment, and unless the bench can turn into a bed that I can sleep in, it was not practical.


Then I saw this compact and versatile Bowflex Revolution® XP.  This equipment eliminates the need for bulky free weights.  Hence, it would fit in my small room perfectly.  It uses SpiraFlex® Resistance Technology, It comes in plates of different resistance that the exerciser could add or remove, depending on the required resistance for a particular workout.  The equipment comes in with 200 lbs. of resistance but it is upgradeable to 280 lbs.  After making a few simple adjustments, it can duplicate almost any exercise that you can do with gym equipment.  Push the handle and set to 10 different positions or adjust the arm length. 


Bring the bowflex arms all the way up to do tricep extensions.  Adjust it to shoulder height and do chest fly, reverse chest fly, and trunk rotation.  Move the bowflex arms all the way down to accommodate bent posterior deltoid row.  Extend the Bowflex arms to give you a longer range of motion.  Attach the cable to the pulleys at the bottom instead of the arms.   This would facilitate exercises like bicep curls or with the aid of harness do squats and lunges.  Being new to this equipment, it will take some time and a few trials to get the appropriate amount of resistance for your training.  I am used to training with free weights and it is different because with this equipment there is constant tension all throughout the movement.


There are optional accessories available.  Do pull downs with the lat tower accessory.  Vary from narrow to wide pull downs, lean or recline to target every muscle on the back.  Additional 80 lbs. of resistance to increase training intensity and further develop strength.   Ab back pad specially curved to offer better support when doing ab exercises.  The plates can be stored in specially designed racks, buy it separately. 


An instructional DVD and manual comes with the equipment.  It shows the different exercises and different adjustments. It is easy to understand.  On the video, a personal trainer teaches the workout in detail.  The manual contains weight loss and diet information aside from different exercises.


It is made of high quality materials, the design is robust it is truly made to last for years.                                                    


Another consideration with this machine compared with cheaper free weights is safety.  Weight lifters usually do repetitions up to failure.  Holding a 200-lb barbell above your head during a bench press is dangerous without a spotter.  Plates can fall accidentally when changing the weight.  Hope it does not fall on your toes.  These things will not happen with the Bowflex Revolution® XP. 


Overall, it takes a while to learn the adjustments and the amount of resistance to choose.  The Bowflex Revolution® XP is versatile enough for a full body workout.  The compact design can save you a lot of space.  It does not come out cheap but it is worth the price.    

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Product Info

The Bowflex Revolution® XP Home Gym blends the same smooth, versatile resistance engine as the original Revolution with a compact space-saving design.

SpiraFlex® Resistance Technology
resistance technology duplicates the benefits of free weights. You'll feel the difference compared to other home gyms. 200 lbs. (90.72 kg) of resistance standard (upgradeable to 280 lbs. (127 kg).

Revolutionary Workouts
All the strength equipment at your local gym in one machine.
  • Upper Body Workouts - Duplicate almost any exercise from your local gym. The Freedom Arms™ adjust 170° to work muscles from various angles. Optional Lat Tower lets you sculpt your back and shoulder muscles with gym-style exercises.
  • Lower Body Workouts - Work leg and hip muscles without bulky equipment. Squat Harness included for total body shaping. Leg Attachment included for Seated Leg Extensions and Standing Leg Curls.
  • Core and Abs Workout - Build a flatter, leaner, more defined core with a wide variety of exercises. Add the Optional Ab Back Pad to power up your core workouts by up to 40%.
Optional Components
  • Lat Tower
  • Ab Back Pad
  • Extra 80 lbs (total resistance to 280 lbs)


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the Bowflex Revolution XP...