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StairMaster Freeclimber 4200PT Review

A Versatile Stepper for the Price

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Climbing mountain or small hills are all great sport and good pastimes. But where do we have the time to go rock climbing or mountaineering not to forget the great physical benefits such climbing feats had to offer. Today in this modern fast moving world there is hardly time to even stand by a hill and enjoy its beauty. People move about like zombies and forget to live life or take care of their physical fitness. Serious mental and physical ailments are seen everywhere as people live a stress filled life with no proper well balanced food habits and living conditions.


In order to set right this condition to balance the mind and the body fitness programs are imperative. People should follow a fitness regime to keep themselves fit at all time and ages. It can be an early morning walk or some other work out say in a gym or a fitness center. For all those busy bees who neither have the time to walk nor have the leisure to visit a gym many fitness machines have come into vogue with which they can remain fit at the comfort of their homes and still go about with their daily routine. Are these fitness machines really benifical? Can they really give the fitness level needed for a well balanced body? Can this work out really make one fit?


 The opportunity for keeping yourself fit is open to every individual and by using these machine one can definitely keep oneself fit.among all the StairMaster fitness series the StairMaster® FreeClimber®4200PT exercise system is an excellent program which can give all the benefits and fitness levels that you strive for. Independent step action, great pedal geometry, which is , and the excellent electronic brake system is what this machine is all about. A superb workout to make you fit and healthy is enabled and possible when you start using this machine.


The computer console displays show the time, distance traveled, step rate, floors climbed and calories burnt etc through which you can keep track of your performance and see if you have reached the set fitness target. This fitness machine has four preset workout programs with 20 level intensity. The speed ranges from 26 to 174 steps per minute and this machine also has some added accessories like the bottle holder, placement tray and reading rack. Electronically controlled alternator, chain drive, step action like independent pedal geometry aligned with four bar linkage helps in smooth and correct movements to give maximum benefits.

The workout can either be manual or be chosen from the three programs available.


The warranty period is for three years, for the frame 15years and for labor and spare parts one year. The weight of this machine is 57.2kg and the dimensions are 104cm X 82cm X 176cm H. the Stairmaster series is a legend in the fitness world and it is a great necessity for all fitness freaks. High quality, excellent performance and result oriented fitness programs is the mantra of this Stairmaster® FreeClimber 4200 PT exercise system. 


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the StairMaster Freeclimber 4200PT...

Product Info

  • Independent step-action, pedal geometry and electronic braking system
  • Computer console displays workout statistics including time, calories burned, distance traveled, floors climbed and step rate
  • Four workout programs, each with 20 levels of intensity
  • Speed range from 26 to 174 steps per minute
  • Water bottle holder, reading rack and accessory tray included


Click Here to Get the Lowest Price And Order a Free Info Kit for the StairMaster Freeclimber 4200PT...