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  How to Buy Exercise Bikes

Finding a high-quality exercise bike can be a challenge.  If you don't know what to look for, then your'e wagering your money on a guess.  In this article I will discuss the qualities you should consider and seek out when looking to purchase an exercise bike.


The most important element is price.  Not necessarily looking for the cheapest price, but looking for the highest value compared to the price.  Let's face it -- trying to find a top-quality exercise bike for $150 is probably just wishful thinking.  To get a decent bike, be prepared to invest a minimum of $200.  Of course, the key word here is basic.  You will not get all of the fancy bells and whistles at this price.


What can you expect if you spend between $250-$650?  Oftentimes these exercise bikes will operate very smoothly and silently, be more comfortable to work out in and even come with additional features such as built-in workout programs and heart rate monitoring.  Of course, just because you spend $600 doesn't mean that you will get each of these features.  It's important to read reviews on these exercise bikes before purchasing them, considering you are spending a decent amount of money.


If you really want to go top of the line, you're going to have to spend around $750 or more.  For this price you can often enjoy pushbutton resistance control, high quality display consoles, lifetime warranties and a ton of extra features.  As far as the comfort and construction of the bike itself goes, the difference between this and a mid-level model will be negligible.  Basically, what you're getting for your top dollar is the extra features.


It's important to factor in comfort when choosing an exercise bike.  Don't just purchase it on price alone.  Otherwise you may get a good deal on something that you will hardly ever use.  Sometimes it's hard enough to motivate yourself to work out.  Do make it any harder by purchasing an exercise bike that is simply uncomfortable.


With that said, it is hard to go wrong with recumbent exercise bikes.  With these bikes you actually sit in a reclined position when working out, and your peddling occurs in front of you instead of beneath you.  Of course, some people just can't get used to this type of position.  If you have never used one of these bikes, make sure to test it out first before purchasing one.

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